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The CASH Drop-In Center is open Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 4 - 8 pm and Thursday from 1 - 3 pm.  


Our mission is to assist victims of sexual exploitation through survivor-led peer support and harm reduction services, while providing education about the harm inflicted on women and the community.


We paint a picture of hope for women victimized by sexual exploitation, sex trafficking and prostitution by providing a gateway out of abuse and addiciton toward recovery.

 "Off Track" 

Watch the powerful video "Off Track", made possible through the dedicated efforts of Julie Debbs, California Humanities, CSUS, and Take1 Productions.

The stories of victims of sexual exploitation and community members show the effects of prostitution on the victims as well as our community.  Commercial Sexual Exploitation is not a a victimless crime.  Through their voices, you can see how women are ensnared, remain trapped, and have difficulty escaping this destructive industry.  

    P.O. Box 160022
    Sacramento, CA 95816
    (916) 856-2900
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