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Sunday, February 22 2015

In a word, everything.  For far too long, when we talk about prostitution we talk about women.  Are they victims or are they making a choice?  What is in their background that leads to this?  Why would anyone stay in the life?  When we imagine prostitution - a woman appears.  Why is this our default image?  What about the buyers?  What about the drivers of cars that are picking up women in our neighborhoods or arranging “dates” online?  Click on the title to continue reading..

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Friday, February 06 2015

As Training and Outreach Specialist for CASH, I often give presentations to the public about the issues faced by adult sex workers—in this context, women who trade sexually-oriented services for money. Inevitably, I am asked, “What do you mean by “sex worker”? Don’t you mean “prostitute?” No, I don’t.

“Prostitute”, while succinct in a legal sense, is a highly stigmatized word. Imagine for a moment that you have been publicly accused of being something you aren’t—say, a construction worker. You would probably find such an accusation ludicrous. You might laugh it off, and you probably wouldn’t feel any lasting repercussions; there isn’t any stigma attached to working in construction. Now imagine you have been publicly accused of being a prostitute. How would you feel? Angry? Humiliated? Indignant? Hurt?  Click on the title to continue reading.

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